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 Iizuna, 30 minutes drive from Nagano, is highland located at the altitude of 1000m, is filled with energy field of nature and will help you improve your natural healing power and immunity.

Relax your body in the space surrounded by pure air, blessing of nature and
silence and feel warmth of the mother earth, beauty of moonlight, scent of
flowers and flow of clouds.
Using natural Japanese cypress for buildings, the spaces of calmness,
hearty food of Nagaoka style enzyme brown rice, vegetable and seafood will
refresh your body and mind.

 Site of Suirin and Miorine is 3300 square meter, surrounded by 100 kinds of
broadleaf trees. Especially 15meters hight of mountain ash tree extends its
branches looks like folding screen picture. You can see clouds, Mount
Asama, Sugadaira Highlands and fantastic morning Sun. You can enjoy
breakfast listening to voices of wild birds.

Guide to natural wood buildings

 Space made by natural wood will bring you natural healing power.
The floor is made with cypress, the wall is made with cedar and mortar.
There are no artificial construction materials which interrupt taste of
natural pure air.
All building is no smoking and the scent of cypress which has high
bactericidal effect helps purify your body.
Lightings made with Japanese paper are designed by Isamu Noguchi.

Main Hall

・The hall is about 65 tatami mats large including Japanese tea ceremony
room. Flooring is cypress. The wall is cedar and mortar. Ceiling is 3 meters height.
Space made of natural wood will bring you natural healing . You can
enjoy sight of wild nature from big windows.
・There are 24 built-in speakers on the ceiling which is designed by audio
creator Akira Iida. This space is best for music therapy. Piano, guitar,
bells, bamboo flute and lots of folk musical instruments and healing music
CDs are available.
・VCR, DVD, OHP, the projector, and 150 inches screen, slide satellite
broadcasts, audio materials and wireless microphones are available.
・This space is good for seminars, symposiums, exhibitions, concerts, events,
parties, meetings, and corporate trainings.

Main Hall
Zen Deck
Japanese tea ceremony room

All facilities for tea ceremony are available.

guest rooms

・Wooden guestrooms made from natural woods are designed to help easy breathing.
Suirin provides six rooms: 12 to 17 tatami mats large and holds up to
30 people.
Maximum of 110 people can stay at the whole building (Suirin, Miorine, Oasis, Clinic, Shizuku, Kotori and Izumi).
・The floor is made of cypress. The wall is made with cedar and mortar.
There is no fluorescent lamp and lightings made with Japanese paper
are designed by Isamu Noguchi.
・The carpets of pure wool and down comforters are natural materials. The covers of bedding are always washed with natural soap.


・There is a pub style counter beside the tables. The capacity is 30 persons.
・The meals are mainly enzyme brown rice and fresh vegetables picked around
・Tap water is natural and pure from Togakushi Highland.
・Cooking school of enzyme brown rice is held upon request.
・Vegetarian dishes to party foods are available.
・Alcohol is available at pub style restaurant
・The restaurants and kitchens can be used for cooking school

Living rooms

Enjoy reading or watching TV with Hokkaido furnitures.


You can enjoy meals outdoor in forest and breathing under shining sunlight.
・The surroundings of Iizuna Kogen is a treasure house of mountain herbs. You
can take and cook them for tempura. barbecue and campfire.
・There is a stone circle made with crystal s : the diameter of 40cm by
Drunvalo Melchizedek.

 Guest House Miorine was originally opened for a long stay of an American singer
Suzan Osborn, who sang for the ceremony of Paralympics of Nagano and taught voice seminar at Suirin. The building is opened for visitors since 1998.

Hall/ Restaurant

・The hall is about 34 tatami mats large. You can enjoy sights of Nagano
city, Mount Asama and Sugadaira/Shiga Highlands through scenic windows.

・All tables and chairs are made from natural woods and seat up to 50 persons.
・Meals are mainly enzyme brown rice and fresh vegetable taken around Suirin.
・Tap water is pure and natural from Tokakushi Highland.
・Cooking school of enzyme brown rice is available.
・Completed vegetarian dishes and party meals upon request.
・Alcohol is available.
・Good for drumming, dancing and voice therapy.
・Restaurant and kitchen are used as cooking school.

Guest rooms

・There are 3 guestrooms of natural woods, with scenic view form every
・The floor is made with cypress. The wall is made of cedar and mortar.
There is no fluorescent lamp and lighting made with Japanese paper are
designed by Isamu Noguchi.
・Carpets are pure wool and down comforters are natural materials. Coverings of
beddings are washed every time with natural soap.
・Suitable for personal stay from short to long term.

Green Oasis is the main reception room where members of the staff are easily located to help you with anything you require. When you enter through the doors, you will have entered the space where you are supposed to leave your shoes behind. Once you have done so and passed through the next set of doors, you will have entered into the dining room. It consists of a long hall with several tables neatly organized into rows. Bulbous shades of light floats near the ceiling giving a calming nature emotion that flows through you. The dining room is additionally in the area of the kitchen. Inside the kitchen are hardworking individuals who are always trying to cook natural healthy food that suits your taste. Nearby the entrance doors, there sits a grand black piano in perfect condition and finely tuned to give a nice melody to anyone that wants to play some music. The piano is also used for concerts for visitors and dinner music may be played by anyone with a musical talent. A sitting place containing a couple of chairs, a table and a fireplace are situated close by the piano for relaxation time of listening to music or having a light snack while sipping some tea. Just in case you do not fancy some tea, there is a fine collection of beverages located besides the kitchen for you to choose from.
On the first floor there are seven rooms, all created from natural construction to give natural good vibration towards yourself. The rooms all have beds so you do not have to worry about getting used to sleeping on a floor mat (tatami). Including with the comfortable beds is a fantastic view of nature from the window, which will immediately calm you down by giving the illusion that you are relaxing with nature.
The next area on the tour of Oasis is the basement. The basement is where most of the meetings of therapy and employee meetings take place. It is separated into three rooms. The first room that you will enter; coming from the stairs is the meeting room. The next two rooms are for special seminar lessons. The special seminar rooms are completely dedicated towards study. While there may be some comfy sofas and many decorations included, there is also a large collection of drums for rhythm lessons and books for studying on a particular subject from a seminar lesson. Note: no artificial construction was used for the creation of the buildings. Only natural cypress wood and mortar was used in the construction in order for the perfect balance needed to harmonise the human body.

The round lights- suirin has a unique lighting structure. All lights are inside paper shade balls. The shape of the lamp is supposed to have a relaxing effect and should calm your nerves. The design originally comes from a famous designer/artist called Isamu Noguchi.

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