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  • Healing stay
    The healing stay is a procedure where you relax your body and spirit by immersing it within nature. I have explained earlier, that the natural construction of the buildings creates a good vibration, which harmonizes the soul. By staying in the environment instead of the artificial construction of modern life, you will gradually overcome any illness you have physically or mentally. We can also provide natural medicine like homeopathy , healing music, massages and the encounter with nature. The natural food that comes naturally from the farm has positive energy hidden within that creates a boost in your body. The healing stay includes the healing power of nature. We ,humans are often too busy to appreciate the beauty of nature and the powers it contains. Healing stay lets you experience the gentle breeze that gently stirs the soul. The origin of the sounds of birds lets you hear a beautiful melody. The scenery provides the Sea of Clouds, an amazing scene where the mountains look like a bunch of islands surrounded by a white ocean of fluffy clouds. The trees around the farm seems to wrap itself around you like it is giving a warm hug of love.
    Tea ceremony, bamboo flutes, Zen meditation and even karate are available.

  • Zen Stay
    This is the type of experience where you can try Zazen. It is sitting neatly on your legs while concentrating on your breathing. You will get to the point where you are one with the universe. To become one with the universe, inhale into the infinity and exhale into what is limitless. And this stay will let you experience what is called moving Zen.
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