Food is what mother earth gives us its life and energy. Suirin follows this concept and uses seasonal, local, organic, no chemical and less refined
ingredients as much as possible.
Suirin restaurant

This restaurant is unique as everything is put to use in order not to make any waste. The food created in the kitchen comes from natural farms to ensure the natural balance of the human body is maintained.
Meals can be Chinese, Western or Japanese style. The food can be made to your choice if you have a preference for a vegetarian meal and many kinds of beverages are available for you to choose from. Do not worry about leaving any leftovers from the main dishes, as it is stored in containers to be eaten later by the members of the staff.
Even the wooden chopsticks the guests have used are sterilized and cleaned. In the end, anything of further use is recycled and stored away for future use. Thus being with nature and not against it.


 We serve you fresh local vegetables for safe dietary.
For example, handmade Konnyaku(paste made from the arum root potato), boiled Zenmai(Japanese herbs)made by local farmers and various dishes of Tofu made from local soybeans of good quality are served.
In spring, we can get mountain herbs and wild grapes. In autumn gives us mushrooms and apples.
We can serve all kinds of dishes from Japanese, Chinese, Western,
ethnic to Italian. Moreover, our specialties are spring rolls , pizza and
soybean stew for vegetarians.

To enjoy meal at its maximum

・We provide the menu the best we could for your well being

 We always care about creating the best menu for your well being. The menu
is based on your answers to questionnaires ( illness, allergy, vegetable
dieting, seasoning, amount, favorites), so that those who has illness, allergy
or are vegetarians can enjoy special meal.
If you stayed at Suirin before, we serve you different menu from what you had

・You can eat as much as you want

 You can select the amount from the dishes or you can eat as much as you want.
We do not waste leftovers.

・Hot, fresh and dish right out of oven

 Please be seated on time to enjoy dishes at the best condition.

Those who do not stay can also experience the meals of Suirin.

Dishes are Nagaoka style enzyme brown rice and mainly vegetables: excellentfor digestion and absorption.
Price is based on contents. Please consult.

Price for Restaurant user
Lunch (about seven dishes with dessert and coffee)
Dinner (about eight dishes with dessert and coffee)
Credit Cards are not accepted. Japanese cash only, please.
※Reservation required for more than 5 persons

The farm is used for an example of teaching people the way to farm with nature and without the use of anything artificial! The farm has a policy of letting everything grow naturally, so it's full potential of growth can be achieved and the crops can become bountiful. Weeds are allowed to grow in order to use them as dried fertilizer when it is time to harvest. All insects are allowed to live on the farm because insects and plants are all part of nature's cycle. The resulting crops are used to make the meals for the guests or members of suirin, giving them the power of nature and any remaining vegetables are sold at the market. By combining the moving Zen and the physical labor of working on the farm would result in creating physical improvement and mental healing. Not to mention, a personal satisfaction of planting something that will grow without the use of artificial substances.

For contact

2471-2198 IIZUNA Nagano-shi, Nagano-ken,
380-0888, JAPAN
Phone 026-239-2630 Fax 026-239-2736

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