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( tengu organic hot spring )
Onsen is a traditional Japanese hot spring where one can relax. The tengu hot spring is located nearby suirin and reservations to go to that place can be arranged. There is even
a huge waiting room at the onsen for you to chat or grab a bite to eat at either the souvenir store or the caf?. However, onsen visits from suirin can only occur in the afternoon. So you will miss the scenic view from the outside hot spring, as it will be too dark to see anything. For further information, you can easily look up their website on HYPERLINK "" iJapanese onlyj

_ЂƎ (shrines and temples)
There are many temples and shrines located in Nagano. You can visit them during your stay at suirin or go along with a group session to hear about its history and why it was built. You are sure to improve your knowledge of Japan culture by visiting these sites. The most famous temple in Nagano is the Zenkouji, a 1,400-year-old Buddhist temple. The first Buddhist image to arrive in Japan, the legendary Amida Golden Triad is housed in the building. Legend states the image was subjected to a feud between two clans when it arrived in Japan, which was then dumped, into a canal. A man by the name of Yoshimitsu rescued the image and it was originally enshrined in his home in
Nagano. Today the image is sequestered away from the public but every seventh year an exact copy is revealed in a grand ceremony called Gokaicho. The next ceremony is scheduled for 2010. This temple is a non-sectarian temple, which means that its doors are open for all, regardless of gender, creed or religious belief. A unique feature of this temple is the pitch-black tunnel running underneath the main altar. Pilgrims blindly navigate the tunnel seeking a wall mountedgkey to paradiseh. To touch the key is to attain enlightenment and eternal salvation. The symbols it tries to convey are that in the darkness, everyone is equal. When searching for the key, they are to leave behind worldly thoughts, engage in self-reflection and perhaps experience spiritual awakening. There is a fee required to enter some of the buildings where historical artefacts lie within.

Togakushi Shrine

Togakushi is a village in Japan where one can experience delicious soba noodles and experience ninjutsu! From early April to late November, a demonstration of ninjutsu is held to commemorate Togakushi as the birthplace of the Togakure Ryu Ninpo; a school of ninjutsu founded eight hundred years ago by Daisuke Nishina, who was born in the village. Daisuke became the first Soke (family head) of one of the arts now known as ninjutsu. Dressed in black and wearing oni (demon) masks, practitioners of all skill levels demonstrated an art many people think is either dead or mythical. Both women and men took turns wielding traditional weapons in battle. Such weapons included the naginata (halberd), bo (staff), and hanbo (half bo). Hand to hand combat (taijutsu) was also demonstrated to the crowd. Ninjutsu is an art that is misunderstood by many people from the media and the imagination, so this festival is a great chance for you to learn about it firsthand!

HYPERLINK "" "Togakushi Soba Matsuri: Noodles and Ninja" Togakushi Soba Matsuri: Noodles and Ninja

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