Question & Answer

  • Will I need to speak Japanese?

    There will be a staff member who is willing to translate anything Japanese into understandable English. Also in transportation, all stops on trains will have a English translation to help you understand where you are. Additionally there are signs at Suirin to show you how to operate in a Japanese culture for example how to use the shower first and then soak in the bath. Even the toilets have instructions to work the complex machinery.

  • Is the telephone reception good over there?

    If not, there is an available telephone to be used. Any questions on how to operate it can be answered by the staff.

  • Can our valuables be safe?

    Yes, any objects of precious worth can be stored away inside a combination safe that will always be observed by Midori-sensei. Be sure to keep a mental note of what you want to be stored away safely so you will not forget to ask for them back.

  • Are there any vegetarian food?

    The farm provides an abundance of natural vegetables so there really is no worry that you will not receive a vegetarian meal as we have over 3000 different kinds of menus. A questionnaire is always given before a meal to discover their allergies and the type of food they like to consume.

  • What is the name of Suirin?

    Suirin is the symbol of love towards unity. The love Midori (owner of Suirin farm) has for Saori-san (her daughter, born with brain damage) creates ripples in everyone in her presence that affects us all.

  • Do you have a western-style toilet?

    Yes, we do have the western-style toilet made from porcelain. While some Japanese toilets have you to squat down to do your business, all our toilets use the seating position.

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